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Gaming memories: Pokemon

One of the series I’ll be making here is the very imaginatively named Gaming Memories, where I’ll share my, well, memories of gaming. This posts theme: Pokemon.

Story One: buying Pokemon Ruby.

Picture this: its 2005. A young boy walks through his local Wal Mart, his Harry Potter-esque glasses down his nose, allowance jingling in his pocket. He sweeps over the game section, looking for a game to play on his shiny new Game Boy Advance SP. Suddenly, his eyes fall on a familiar yellow and blue logo: Pokemon, Ruby Version. He watched the Pokemon cartoon religiously, and he nearly pees his pants at the idea of a Pokemon video game. He buys it and his life was forever changed. That boy was me. I would go on to play every Pokemon game, from the main series, to the GameCube games. This series would introduce me to many great friends!


Not long after buying it, I introduced the magic of the Pokemon games to several of my friends. One of them was Sam, who would eventually buy Sapphire. Several weeks later, he comes over to my house. Were discussing the game, showing each other our little monsters like parents posting pictures of their babies to Facebook. After a while, he asks if he can borrow my Peliper, as he needs a strong Flying type to fight a gym. I agree, we connect our GBAs, and soon he’s off to the gym. As he begins, we watch in horror as the battle devolves into chaos, my big bird refusing to obey. Falling asleep, ignoring the commands, all the bad things. We wouldn’t realize till much later that you need to have a certain amount of gym badges for high-leveled traded Pokemon to obey. It took him a few days to speak to me again, as he thought I did something, but I still smile at the memory.

Story Three: Ray Mysterio the Mankee saves my first Nuzlocke.

I was fascinated by Nuzlockes ever since I stumbled across them in the bawls of the internet. I decided to pick FireRed as my first Locke. Everything was smooth sailing until Veridian City. I found a wild Jiggilypuff who knew only two moves: Sing and Pound. It used these two moves to decimate my entire team, accept Spyro the Charmander, which I wisely moved to the back of my team once I realized what type of battle this would be. It would go through my entire team, until the Mankee I caught on a whim and named it Ray Mysterio, after the wrestler. Ray Mysterio’s ability turned out to be Fiery Spirit, which prevents it from falling asleep. I went on to capture the Jiggilypuff, naming it “RIP”.